Nitro Charger Snowboard Binding- Demo

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Adult Size Small/Medium.  Works best with a boot size below 8.  Demo 4.5/5

Small in size, but not in capabilities, the Nitro Charger Snowboard Binding is a great way to get your grom the goods they need. It's built around the A-Frame Base, a classic single-piece design that cuts weight so smaller riders can get the efficient performance they need. The Talon Highback, with its strategically-placed holes, offers support and improves heelside response, but allows for a fair amount of lateral flex for a more forgiving ride. Add in advancements like the Easy Entry Ratchet Straps or the underfoot EVA Dampening and they'll have a better time on snow with more energy left to actually focus on building their skills.


  • Cable Reinforced Toe Connector not only makes the binding more secure and responsive but also improves durability for long-lasting performance
  • Talon Highback features tuned flex, allowing for just the right amount of lateral flex while maintaining heelside response
  • EVA Dampening puts a cushion between their boots and the board, smoothing vibration and impacts while improving confidence and comfort


  • Flex: 4 (1 being softest, 10 stiffest)
  • Design: Youth
  • Mounting: Universal Disk
  • A-Frame Base is a one-piece design for less weight and improved durability
  • Perfect Fit Ankle Strap is designed to perfectly match the contours of their boot for a secure yet comfortable hold
  • B.E.S.T. Convertible Toe Strap gives them the choice of traditional over-the-top setup, or a modern (and more comfortable) around the front of the boot location
  • Speedwheel Buckles are made from lightweight aluminum, delivering a secure hold and long-lasting strength
  • Easy Entry Ratchet Straps ar slightly curved, helping straps stay out of the way when stepping in